Rationing Health - a special World Science Forum discussion

Daniel Wikler, Professor of Ethics, Harvard University.

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Daniel Wikler is at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. He served as an ethicist with the World Health Organization and has been involved in international efforts to ensure equitable rationing. He’s  a guest in this World Science Forum discussion.


Sheri Fink,Pulitzer Prize-winning health journalist.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning health journalist Sheri Fink was the primary reporter on the Rationing Health radio series, which she helped to conceive. Fink is currently writing a book on medical resource allocation in disasters.


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Dan Wikler and Sheri Fink answered listener questions through December 31st

  1. Sheri Fink Sheri Fink

    Thanks for participating in this exchange and in particular to Professor Wikler for being so generous with his time and knowledge.

    For those of you who might wonder “how the sausage is made” in radio, many people worked hard to create this series for PRI’s The World. David Baron, the World’s brilliant and visionary health and science editor, was enthusiastic about this idea from the beginning and spent months thinking about it, researching it, shaping it, and engaging in a spirited discussion of the issues with me. He edited all the stories, contributed his own, and served as producer for my stories on the ground in Cape Town and Pune.

    Patrick Cox, who reported the excellent story about the UK’s NICE, also served as the main editor on David’s piece and provided truly helpful feedback on mine. The World’s production staff did a wonderful job making the pieces sound good. Lisa Mullins brought the stories’ relevance to American healthcare to life in her interview with Prof. Dan Wikler.

    Manya Gupta, Rhitu Chatterjee and Steven Davy worked hard to create “rationinghealth.org” and to provide this and other opportunities for listeners, reporters and experts to engage. Finally, the talented Phillip Wilcox and Aamenah Yusafzai provided important research assistance during their internships at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

    Thank you all!

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